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Maternity Photo Shoot

If you're like every other pregnant woman (me included) you feel a bit uncomfortable at the moment.  And of course a bit camera shy too! However, you are gorgeous, and your body is growing a precious baby. And what better way to celebrate this amazing miracle than capturing it with a maternity photo session.

These thoughtful, artistic maternity photos of you will be treasured by you, your significant other, your friends and family and, yes, your unborn child, forever.

In your maternity shoot, we'll take a variety of photographs of you in different poses. As long as you're comfortable, we'll get photographs of you standing, walking and leaning. Some will hone in on that adorable baby bump, and others will capture the bond between you and your partner, or if you are already blessed with older children, with you and your older kiddies.

It is best to do your session between 33 and 36 weeks, to make sure we capture your growing bump in case baby makes a surprise appearance earlier than your due date. And trust me, after 36 weeks you will certainly not feel energetic enough to do some photos, so it is best to get them done while you are still feeling well.

Maternity sessions are done at a location of your choice. There are several gorgeous spots around Adelaide that are perfect for a maternity photo shoot. Before we finalise your booking it is always a good idea to discuss potential locations. The session is up to an hour in duration and are usually done either the hour after SUNRISE or the hour before SUNSET.  If we do your maternity session in a park, we try to do it as close to the opening / closing times as possible.
I also offer a small selection of gorgeous maternity gowns that you are welcome to use free of charge for your session. I know it can be so hard to shop for yourself at the moment, and also to find a flattering maternity dress that will show off your adorable baby bump to perfection. The outfits and colours I have are flattering to every shape and bump!

Typically, you can make an appointment to come and try them on a week or two before your session – this way I have to press and clean the outfit if necessary, so that everything is perfect and ready for your session.

Currently I only offer one Maternity Photography package. To see what is included, please click here. I also offer a Maternity Newborn Combo Package - for more information click here.


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