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There is no better way to celebrate your baby's first birthday than with a cake smash photo shoot. And cake smash photo shoots are heaps of fun!


Cake smash photography is designed to keep your precious baby entertained while taking photos of them eating (smashing) a cake, and afterwards playing in a beautiful bath designed specifically for one year olds.

The best time of day to do a cake smash photo shoot is at a time you know your little one will be happy and playful - usually right after a nap. Mornings usually work better than afternoons. Another handy tip is to bring a recording of their favourite songs / video's along, and playing it for the duration of their cake smash session - this helps to create a bit of familiarity, and also relaxes them so that we can hopefully get a smile or two from them during the session.

To prepare your little one for a cake smash photo shoot, let them play a bit with food before the big day (muffins or cupcakes works really well).


For the bathing part of the photo shoot, I usually have a bubble bath for the boys, and a milk bath for the girls. If you are opting for a milk bath instead of a bubble bath, add some leaves or petals to their baths at home before the cake smash photo session that they get used to having petals in their bath.

For more information on my Cake Smash Photography Packages, click here.

For some tips to prepare for your session, click here.

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