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Cake Smash Photography

A cake smash photo session is the best way to celebrate your little one's first birthday in a fun and memorable way. Imagine your little one diving into their first birthday cake with pure joy – that’s what cake smash photography is all about! From giggles to sticky fingers, I’m all about capturing those messy, adorable moments that capture the essence of your baby’s big day.

The whole idea begin a cake smash session is to keep your precious baby entertained while taking photos of them eating (smashing) a cake, and afterwards playing in a beautiful bath designed specifically for one-year-olds. This is done in a playful and colorful scene, created with the use of backdrops, balloons, fairy lights and other cute props. 

The best time of day to do a cake smash photo shoot is at a time you know your little one will be happy and playful - usually right after a nap. Mornings work better than afternoons as most babies are happy and well rested in the morning. Another handy tip is to bring a recording of their favourite songs/videos along, and play it during their cake smash session – this helps create familiarity and relaxes them, hopefully getting a smile or two during the session.

There are a few tips on how to prepare your little one for the session - one of course letting the play with food, especially cupcakes / muffins to get them used to the texture. 

Ready to smash some cake and make some sweet memories? Have a look at the cake smash packages I offer.

And for some fun and creative ideas and scenes I have created in the past, you can check out the setups I currently have for girls and boys. And of course I am always happy to do something completely new and design a set specifically for your little one.

For more information on my Cake Smash Photography Packages, click here.

For some tips to prepare for your session, click here.

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