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Your Wedding Photography

As a professional wedding photographer, my aim is to capture all the beautiful moments of a couple's special day. I focus on wedding photos that truly reflect the joy and love shared by the bride and groom, and their families and friends.


One of my specialties is to create breath taking couple photos that are classic, romantic (and sometimes a bit whimsical). 

While I love capturing stunning visual keepsakes, I also do a lot of candid wedding photography capturing candid and fun moments to capture those genuine, spontaneous events that tell the real story of the wedding day. My photos have a warm tonality and true-to-life colours, adding a touch of magic to the memories.

The coverage you get on your wedding day will depend on the Wedding Photography Package you choose. Each package will have me, Marlize, as your main photographer. But no matter what package you choose, the photos from your wedding day will be beautiful and romantic. From the moment you book me, I will work with you and try my utmost best to make sure that every single photo or moment you want is captured on your wedding day.

I can be with you from the early hours of your wedding day until the late evening hours of your reception, or I can capture only very specific events on your day.

Events that can be covered include getting ready, the ceremony, formal photos after the ceremony, and the reception. And don’t worry – when I capture you getting ready, I will only start shooting once your hair and makeup are done and you look picture-perfect. I capture everything from the small details of your ring to a crowd of excited bridesmaids in personalized robes (with perfect hair!) sipping champagne. The same goes for the boys – I will capture them fastening boutonnières to their lapels, candid moments of dad giving some sage advice to the groom, and groomsmen having one last beer before heading off to the ceremony.

You will get both posed and candid bridal portraits. That includes those gorgeous portraits of the bride admiring her bouquet, photos of your handsome groom adjusting his cuff links, group photos of the bridal party, and all the family photos you would like to have (although I strongly advise limiting them to those groups that are really important – group photos can be quite exhausting, and if we include too many, it doesn’t leave us much time for those beautiful, intimate photos of the couple).

I will also document your ceremony and reception, capturing all the big (and little) moments that you would like to treasure forever. This includes walking down the aisle, the groom seeing his gorgeous bride for the first time, the first kiss, and signing of the register.

Rest assured that I will also capture all those beautiful little details you spent hours choosing – your table decorations, memory lockets, shoes – every little detail that makes your wedding day uniquely you!

I offer a variety of Wedding Photography Packages. And of course, I can easily work out a custom quote if none of my existing packages meet your unique requirements.

Let's create some magic - get in touch today!

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