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The focus of family photography is to capture the bond of love a family shares. It is to document you as family at a specific moment in time. That is why it is important that the focus should be on you as a family, and not on the outfits you are wearing on the day.

Although your outfits should not be the main focus point, your outfits can, however, create the feel of a close knit family. This is accomplished by wearing coordinating, though not neccesarily matching, outfits. This means that even though your outfits need not be identical, it should have a similar style, and the colours should work well together.

So when deciding on outfits, select a few focal colours and matching textures. Keep the season in mind when deciding on colours - soft colours in lighter fabrics work better in summer, while warm colours in nice textured knits are perfect for winter. Examples of colours that work well together are greens, blues and yellows, or mustards, rusts and browns as colour schemes. Jeans are always a great option if you are uncertain.

A few guidelines to follow are:

1. Stay clear of any big or bold prints or patterns.
2. Try to stay clear of any primary colours - always go for the softer tones. Instead of canary yellow, perhaps opt for a mustard, and instead of primary red, go for a maroon.
3. Create a timeless look to not date your family photos.
4. Avoid blacks

Comfort is also very important when doing a family photo shoot. Family photography are usually quite casual, and especially when younger children are involved, it is great capturing you playing with children.

Their are lovely locations in and around Adelaide, perfect for a family photo shoot. Please discuss your options with me.


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