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My Newborn Photography Sessions

I absolutely love photographing newborn babies!

Those adorably chubby cheeks, wiggling toes and squishy little bums? Their content little sighs? The way they snuggle up closer to you as if you are the most important person in the whole world? Or the way they grab mummy or daddy's fingers and hold on tightly?

Little babies are the cutest (and sometimes most exhausting!) little things on earth.

My newborn photography sessions are posed studio sessions where it’s all about baby! They are done in my home studio in Sheidow Park, Adelaide.

And your happy, sleepy baby is the star of my newborn photography sessions. While your baby dreams, I create perfectly composed, cuddly works of art. The creative options are nearly endless with a wide range of props —soft wraps, knitted blankets, adorable little caps and headbands, and one cuddly, sleepy baby. I provide all baby’s props and outfits for the session, but if you have any colour or theme preference, please discuss with me when booking – I will do my utmost best to accommodate you!

Depending on the package you decide on, I will capture photographs of your newborn (and all his or her adorable features) or you and your partner with your newborn, or a combination of both. We may even get images of any siblings!

It’s best to schedule your session 2-3 months before your due date. I will then make a preliminary booking, based on your due date. Once your new baby arrives, you can just let me know, and we will either confirm your existing slot, or adjust it slightly if necessary. Newborn sessions MUST take place within the first 14 days of arrival, preferably when little bubs is between 7 and 14 days old. I know it is a hectic time for new parents, but babies are easier to settle while they are that bit younger. And they also change a lot -- even within the first few weeks. Getting your newborn photographs as soon as possible ensures we capture that "newborn look".

Each baby is unique, and poses they feel comfortable in might differ from baby to baby. Your little baby's safety and comfort are of utmost importance to me, so I will never do any individual poses, or poses of little bubs and siblings if I don't deem it safe to do on the day. And if we need to take a break, we will. If a pose isn’t working, there’s always another one to try.


Newborn photography sessions can be quite long, and this is to allow for feeds, nappy changes, or even just cuddles in between poses. Since these sessions are so long, having older siblings at the shoot for the entire session may be a bit much for them. For that reason, I prefer doing family and sibling photos at the beginning of the session, and that way older siblings don’t have to say throughout.

Newborn photography takes a lot of patience from both the photographer and the parents, but the results are beautiful keepsakes to remember your precious little baby's first few days with.

For more information on my Newborn Photography Packages, click here.

For some tips you to prepare for your session, click here.


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