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Preparing for your Newborn Photo Session

Newborn sessions are done when baby is between 7 and 14 days old. Older babies tend to be more alert and thus more difficult to settle.


I do my newborn sessions in the morning, starting between 9 and 9:30 am, as most babies sleep deeper early morning. It is very important to be on time, as sessions end the length of the session later. So 2 hour sessions will wrap up between 11 and 12, and four hour sessions at  1:30 pm. Failure to be on time will amount to shorter sessions and less photos.


A little bit about your session:


The duration of the session depends on the Package you selected. The reason newborn sessions tend to be fairly long is simply to allow us time to settle baby in between photos if necessary. I can only capture baby if he / she is settled, which usually happens only when they are asleep, and sometimes it takes a lot of time to get them settled enough to proceed with the session.


I start the session with family photos, then photos of baby on props, and on a posing pillow. If there are any specific poses / props you like, feel free to let me know before your session that I can plan your session accordingly. There is usually enough time for about 3 different individual setups during a session when combined with family photos.


Just a few instructions before coming to your session:


1. Please feed baby just before leaving for my studio - it will help to comfort and settle baby, and maybe even help him/her to fall asleep. My studio is located at 6 Ochre Court, Sheidow Park. Ours is the last house on the right. Also dress your little bubs in loose fitting clothes that is easy to undress – preferably nothing that needs to be pulled over their little heads. Button down rompers are usually best – that way we disturb little bubs as little as possible when undressing him / her.

2. Please bring baby’s pacifier along (extra if you have then we don’t need to sterilise then during the session).

3. I have a private room for breastfeeding, but if baby is bottle fed, remember to bring his/her bottle along. Sometimes baby might need a little snack (or more) during the session.

4. All outfits except those of baby are the responsibility of the client. Please arrive ready for your photos – already dressed with hair and makeup already done. Please wear something in neutral colours, like white / cream / beige, pastel colours, or even autumn colours, like rusts, olive greens or burnt orange as part of the session is a few family photos of you guys with your precious little baby. Avoid any bright colours or big / bold patterns. Where possible, please stay away from blacks too.

5. If you have any sentimental objects / toys that you would like to have incorporated in the photos, or any specific themes / colours you like, please let me know in advance – I will try my best to incorporate it in your session.

6. Please let me know if any siblings are coming along. I strongly advise that one of the parents take them for a play in our local park after we did the family photos while mum and baby stays behind for baby’s individual photos. This is simply because the session is very exhausting (and of course boring) for the older kiddies, and it does help to settle baby if we have as little possible noise while taking his / her photos.

7. I only do photos of your little one with older siblings if I deem it safe for baby.

7. If there are any specific images you want included in your set, it is important to send them to me before commencing your session as it will help me plan your session accordingly. The same goes for any specific colour schemes you would like to have.

8. I usually post a short preview on my Facebook Business page – if you don’t want your photos to be shared on social media / website, please let me know before commencement of your session

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